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1896 Portland, Oregon Bicycle Map

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A lovely bicycle road map of Portland, Oregon from May of 1896. Produced by J.H. Cunningham, and adopted by the Multnomah County Wheelmen.

Initially found on this Reddit post. I found a higher resolution version at the Multnomah County Library that prints out at 29”x26”, you can download that version here (8.7mb). They have a bit of historical info available on this page, here’s an excerpt:

Map for bicyclists, dated May, 1896, showing good, fair and poor cycling roads in the Portland area. The area covered is large: the city of St. Helens in the north, Cornelius to the west, Oregon City to the south, and Camas, Washington to the east. Circles on the map mark the distance in miles from downtown Portland. The left side of the map is a series of advertisements for local businesses, including bicycle shops and hotels. The map is marked Adopted by the Multnomah Wheelmen, and shows that organization’s winged M logo.

The Multnomah County Library also has a nice collection of cycling maps from throughout Portland’s history, located here.

Edit 5/31/20: I found this post at with an 1897 cycling road guide that’s pretty interesting. Not produced by the same group as far as I can tell, and a different map altogether: